About Us

Founder: Imanee Toussaint

At just 20 years old Imanee Toussaint founded Najah™ Care, a hairstyling business. She created the business in 2020 and it began to blossom but she was not satisfied with just being a hairstylist. Imanee then created and launched a product in February of 2021 branding it the 'Najah™ Hair Growth Serum', after her middle name 'Najah' meaning success. After receiving her Bachelor's Degree from Stony Brook University in 2022, Imanee began teaching for almost 2 years until she decided to pursue a full time career in entrepreneurship. Imanee always knew the value of entrepreneurship and desired the freedom to do for self, so she continues to work tirelessly on the expansion of the Najah™ Hair Growth Serum, anticipating to sell globally.

The Product: 

The Najah™ Hair Growth Serum is an organic and 100% natural growth oil. The Serum consists of the 7 best ingredients the hair needs to flourish. The oil not only promotes rapid hair growth but it restores bald spots, split ends, dandruff and heals scalp psoriasis and traction alopecia!